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Solar radiation

Albedometer	Model GEO-SRA01

Pyranometer Model GEO-LP02

Thermoelectric Pyranometer

Second Class, according ISO-9060

Moderate Quality, as per WMO

Pyranometer Model GEO-SR11

Thermoelectric Pyranometer

First Class, according ISO-9060

Good Quality,as per WMO

Gravity Meter- FG5-X and FGL Absolute

FG5-X and FGL Absolute Gravimeter

Recognized standard for measuring gravity.  The new FG5-X system uses the well established free-fall technique of measuring gravity.Featuring:

  • Extended free-fall chamber length 
  • Improved Electronics
  • Improved reliability
  • Redigned drive system

Patented vertical in-line interferometer

  • Built-in collimation optics for verticality alignment
  • Drag-free chamber surrounds the freely falling test mass
  • Portable standard in Absolute Gravity

Resistivity Imaging- SYSCAL R1 Plus

SYSCAL R1 Plus resistivity meter for medium-depth exploration. Compact, easy to use. Measurement of electrical resistivity & charge-ability (IP). 2 simultaneous reception channels, Outputs: 600V/1200Vp-p-200W-2,5A

Resistivity Meter for Medium-Depth Exploration

• Compact, easy to use 
• Measurement of electrical resistivity & changeability (IP) 
• 2 simultaneous reception channels 
• Outputs: 600V/1200Vp-p-200W-2.5A 

Atlas: Off-Line

Atlas was developed by Nanometrics as an interactive data processing package for extracting, locating, and organizing digital seismograph data from Earthworm databases, SEED files, Nanometrics DataServer and Nanometrics Stores.  


OhmMapper resistivity survey

The new Geometrics OhmMapper is a capacitively coupled resistivity meter that measures the electrical properties of rock and soil without cumbersome ground stakes used in traditional resistivity surveys. A simple coaxial-cable array with transmitter and receiver sections is pulled along the ground either by a single person or attached to an all-terrain vehicle. Data collection is many times faster than systems using conventional DC resistivity.

RoadScan 30

RoadScan 30

The affordable RoadScan™ 30 system provides users with an effective tool for quickly determining pavement layer thickness. RoadScan is able to collect data densities not obtainable using other labor-intensive methods. RoadScan data can be acquired at highway speeds, which eliminates the need for lane closures and provides a safer working environment.The RoadScan system is available in 1-4 channels for job site flexibility.Typical Uses for RoadScan Include:

Extractor Pressure Plate Cell, 1 Bar Standard

Extractor Pressure Plate Cell image

Moderately fired, largely Talc body. Made with a time-tested, proven formula, it is a utilitarian ceramic with good porosity, tough exterior and interior surfaces, and is ivory white in color. Recommended for general purpose uses that involve pressure differentials under 1 Bar (14.5 psi). Typical bubbling pressure: 20-30 psi. Effective pore size: 1.7 microns. Hydraulic conductivity: .000000756 cm/sec. Approximate porosity: 34% by vol. Flow through