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Al-Hazzazi Global Technologies Co., (HGTC) dedicates itself to serve the kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing high quality products and services for Consumer adapting the latest high technology, and after sales services through our quality management & professional staff. HGTC now encompasses multiple diversified activities like:

We are proud to serve the Customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Providing Equipment & Instrumentation and Related Services to Several major customers. Our trade reputation is built on service, fairness, and competence and is highly regarded in our trade. We seek to establish long term relationships with our esteemed customers. Hence we consider it our responsibility to provide them support and technical assistance even after sales. We train them to use our products effectively. We welcome all inquiries concerning product availability, technical assistance and customer requirements. Our staff can help you with any kind of requirement with relation to Supplies & Services along with General Customer needs. Contact HGTC.