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Atlas: Off-Line

Atlas was developed by Nanometrics as an interactive data processing package for extracting, locating, and organizing digital seismograph data from Earthworm databases, SEED files, Nanometrics DataServer and Nanometrics Stores.  

  • Generate trace data packages—events—using data from Nanometrics data servers, Nanometrics Stores, picks, and analysis results
    • Access data from Earthworm databases; Nanometrics data servers; and Nanometrics Stores over any network or Internet connection
    • Import/export SEED files
    • Merge traces from events in other databases
  • View and Pick events using the intuitive interface
    • Sort traces by first phase time or by channel name
    • View multiple events simultaneously from several data sources
    • Edit event and solution names
  • Edit existing events—create phase, duration, and amplitude picks, create multiple solutions, and manipulate trace data
    • Load and add trace data to events
    • Correct for instrument response
    • Do magnitude estimations:
      • based on corrected signal amplitude
      • based on duration
      • calculated using Hypoinverse
    • Calculate event location solutions, using Hypoinverse
    • Edit the Hypoinverse phase input file
    • Add comments to solutions and events
    • Recalculate individual or all amplitude picks
  • Create digital filters and apply them individually or as a group to trace data
    • Instrument deconvolution
    • Instrument simulation
    • Trend removal
    • Ground motion conversion
    • S-plane and Z-plane filters, using either poles and zeroes or coefficients for the transfer function
    • Butterworth filters
  • Work with fully interactive maps that combine a geographical display of stations and epicentres with various attributes of the event—see which stations contributed to the solution, make adjustments, calculate a new solution, and compare with another solution
    • Load and display maps that use any of several file formats:
      • ArcInfo
      • ESRI shape files
      • DTED
      • Raster files – JPEG and GIF
    • Apply various projections:
      • Mercator
      • Lambert Conformal Conic
      • Stereo graphic
      • Identity projection (no projection)
    • Customize map data settings—almost any aspect of an event can be shown: be it a P-pick residual or a magnitude, using a variety of widgets
    •  Do a spectral analysis of any trace or trace segment
    • Easily create HTML bulletins to view and distribute summaries of events
    • Easily post bulletins to Athena
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