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Continuous Monitoring Station

The instrument allows measurement of the soil degassing of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane and of the related environmental parameters.

Applications for Continuous Monitoring Station

  • vulcanology to understand the dynamics of volcanoes and for a global evaluation of the hazard connected with volcanic activity;
  • monitoring of geothermal areas;
  • soil respiration;
  • survey of landfill biogas emissions.

Flux measurement range:

  • carbon dioxide: from 0 up to 1500 moles/sm/day;
  • methane : from 0.5 up to 150 moles/sm/day;
  • hydrogen sulfide : from 0.0025 up to 0.5 moles/sm/day.

This is a completely automatic station which performs the measurements cycle (up to 48 measurements per day), acquires and stores the data on a non-volatile memory. By means of a telemetry system the data can be transferred to a Reception Center up to 20 miles away, or can be anywhere on the planet by using our innovative internet based telemetry systems.

Continuous Monitoring Station
Continuous Monitoring Station
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