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SoilMoisture Equipment Corp.

Every day, universities, colleges, government agencies, commercial agriculture and industry around the world rely on Soilmoisture agronomic equipment. Over the years we have built a worldwide network of dealers to serve your local needs. From our location in Santa Barbara, California's beautiful central coast, we have reputation of service and quality instrumentation that spans over a half a century of innovation. It all began over 50 years ago when our founder, P.E. Skaling, joined the staff of the U.S. Salinity Laboratory in Riverside, California. While there, he participated in soils/moisture research, and built the first Pressure Membrane Extractor and First Tensiometers (an instrument that is now accepted and used on a global basis). The Pressure Membrane Extractor, and subsequent ceramic plate extractors, first commercially available from Soilmoisture, made it possible to characterize the moisture-holding capacities of soils. Our revolutionary tools radically transformed irrigation practices, allowing for the establishment of soil-moisture standards now used worldwide

For over 50 years Soilmoisture has represented a company that is dedicated to its customers and in providing instrumentation for the earth sciences. Soilmoisture has been an innovator from it's start in the mid 1950's. From a wide selection of porous ceramics in almost any configuration to new technologies like poor water samplers, plant water status consoles, to one of the most powerful portable TDR systems in existence we strive to be the best at providing what you need. Each of our products is made with the highest quality elements, tested and inspected to assure that the product you bought yesterday or the one purchased today will last many, many years. We try to have knowledgeable customer representatives available to answer your questions within 24 hours not days or weeks later, to make sure you're attended to in a professional manner by experienced staff familiar with the products you're using.

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