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Spectrometer- Drager-based Fluxmeter

The WEST Systems Fluxmeter is a portable instrument for the measurement of diffuse degassing phenomena, based on the accumulation chamber method, suitable for volcanic and geothermal areas as well as soil respiration rate in agronomy.

This method studied for soil respiration in agronomy (Parkinson, 1981) and for soil degassing in volcanic areas (Cioni et al. 1998), has been designed by WEST Systems to obtain a portable instrument that allows the performance of measurements with very good accuracy in a short time. The instrument allows a wide range evaluation of the amount of soil gas flux, and can be also used for the survey of biogas non controlled emissions on landfills. The instrument is extremely versatile and allow measurement of flux in 2/4 minutes. A floating adapter for the accumulation chamber allows to measure flux at the water-atmosphere interface; (bubbling at the surface of sea, lakes, rivers, wetlands, rice paddies, pools).

Drager based instrument(s)

The carbon dioxide detector is a Drager Polytron IRCO2 a very robust/rugged double beam infrared absorption spectrometer. The instrument is very accurate in the range from 0.5 up to 1000 moles/sm/day of carbon dioxide.The instrument can be expanded with additional detectors to measure hydrogen sulfide and / or methane diffuse flux.

Drager-based Fluxmeter
Drager-based Fluxmeter
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