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SQXL Quality Assessment

SQLX is an indispensable quality control tool for seismologists. By analyzing Probability Density Functions (PDFs) SQLX enables seismologists to identify many quality issues that can have an adverse affect on seismic analysis. An example of the quality issues that can be identified using PDF analysis include:

Site Response Analysis, such as:

  • Noise levels across all frequencies
  • Minimum noise baseline across all channels
  • The existence of human noise sources in the proximity of the station (pumps, trains, vehicles, etc)
  • Natural sources of noise (waves, glaciers, weather, etc)

SQLX also offers server side functionality, such as:

  • Auto identifying all relevant files - traces and responses
  • Read and analyze files (database auto-configured, save metadata and analysis results to database)
  • Compute statistics (per channel): Sample rate epochs, system PDFs
  • PNG format outputs of system PDFs, spectrograms (per channel)

Following are some sample outputs that demonstrate the utility of SQLX:

Good Quality Data

This example displays PDF and spectrogram plots representing 3 channels over a one month period. SQLX is able to confirm that this station is producing good quality, useful data.

Software- SQXL Quality Assessment
Software- SQXL Quality Assessment
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