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T&A Survey

T&A was founded in 1992 and is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, by geologist Robert van Ingen. Initially T&A's main activity was project management for environmental research. In time, T&A expanded it's activities to geophysical and Unexpoloded Ordnance (UXO) research, geothermal energy and mining. T&A is now a dynamic compmany wuth more then 40 employees.

T&A does borehole surveys for example for water distribution companies using logging equipment. The logging tools are lowered into the borehole to determine the physical properties of the direct surroundings of the borehole.

Possible applications of geophysical techniques in water borehole investigation and logging are:

  • scanning the borehole wall, for example to detect micro fractures
  • determining salinity and other physical properties of the soil surrounding the borehole
  • dermination of physical properties of subsurface material 
  • detecting aquifers
  • detecting impermeable layers
  • detecting of geological transitions
  • detecting of deeper laying (foreign) objects
  • detecting pollution
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