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TYTAN Furnace Systems

Tytan furnaces have reliably served industry, universities, and national laboratories since the early 1980's. The systems require considerably less floor space and electrical power than conventional furnaces of equal capacity while providing superior process uniformity, ease of use, and minimization of the potential for human error. Tystar has installed over 1,000 process tubes worldwide, and most of them are still operating to specifications. The large customer base (many of whom are repeat customers) is a testament to Tystar's dedication to customer satisfaction and support. Strengths of the TYTAN technology are:

  • A small footprint saves up to 40% of clean room space
  • Superior temperature and process uniformity
  • Greater than 95% up-time
  • Energy savings of up to 50% over competing designs
  • Higher process yields
  • Minimal back streaming of air into the process tube
  • Lower gas usage
  • Low particle generation
  • Reduced manufacturing cost

TYTAN furnaces are available in different models and configurations.

Tystar furnace
Tystar furnace
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